Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave (TESD) is a weekly podcast from Kevin Smith’s SModcast Podcast Network. It features the uncensored comedy stylings of AMC’s Comic Book Men Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan, along with TruTvs Impractical Joker Brian Quinn (Q).

Bryan and Walt have been lifelong friends with Q coming along later as an employee of View Askew. TESD’s loyal fan-base, the ants, love listening to the back and forth of Bryan’s annoyance with the world, Walt’s love of playing devil’s advocate, and Q’s ability to be a human punching bag that is more than capable of punching back.

Other dynamics of the podcast are Walt’s many games he creates, Bryan’s segments on the world at large, and Q’s love for representing the ants with unique merch ideas.

Hop in on new episodes, binge on classic episodes, and let this Wiki help you with figuring out the landscape of TESD town and the characters that reside within it!

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