#001: Josh Groban stole my mom!

Pod Description:

Join Bryan and Walt as they bust their podcasting maidenheads with tales of love, death, and suburban witchery.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Mentioned Person:

Brian Quinn (Not yet host, just “dubious tech guy”)

Pam Johnson

Memorable Moments:

Walt and Bry can’t agree on a title of the pod, debating calling it Joint – Counter Joint where Bry gets high and debates Walt on topics.

Bry talks about his mother, Pam, who went from being Methodist to Wiccan and is unhealthily obsessed with Josh Groban.

Pam once forbid Bryan from hanging out with Walt because of a picture of an Ass with eyes that Walt drew.


Wild Ass picture courtesy of @Smodfan on twitter


Underbed throughout episode

Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right

4 thoughts on “#001: Josh Groban stole my mom!

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