#002: Et tu, Fanboy?

Pod Description:

In this audio-challenged edition Walt stages a coup with help from a powerful ally. Bryan demands his corpse be shown no dignity.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn (Still not technically hosting, but becoming more involved)

Mentioned Person:

Trailer Park Drunk

Malcolm Ingram


“It’s always good to be number 2, lurking in the shadows” – Walt

“At least now you know where I live so next time you can deliver straight to my house” – Trailer Park Drunk

“You look like you’re ready to write a manifesto!” – Walt about Bry’s beard.

“Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave”  Walt’s first utterance of the closing quote.

Memorable Moments:

Kevin Smith suggests the pod be called Tell’Em Steve Dave and Walt agrees, Bry feels pressured.

Bry suggests a video pod and Walt says no one would ever want to watch that.

Walt tells the story of delivering comic books to the Trailer Park Drunk’s home for the first time on a dark and stormy night.  He is unable to give Walt directions and does not have all the money for his books. This gentleman had also been known to pass out in front of the store and also shat all over the floor in the bathroom.

Bry wants to be stuffed and mounted to be put on display in the Secret Stash upon his unfortunate demise.  He will be placed in a glass case with a TV playing 43 seconds of his best of “Steve Dave” footage.  Walt says a taxidermist can give him liposuction.

Bry’s fame as “Steve Dave” has only given him VIP treatment once in his life when he got a free coat check in Baltimore.

Bry and Q have a hard time getting projects green lit.


Underbed of music

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