#003: An affair to forget

Pod Description:

Desperate to impress their special guest, Bry’s depravity sinks to new low with the admission of a 20 year-old secret. Walt’s toadyism gives douche chills to even the most practiced ass-kisser.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Kevin Smith

Mentioned Person:

Mother X and Daughter X (origins here)

Memorable Moments:

Bry is still not sold on the TellEm SteveDave name and sign off but Kev talks him into it.

Bry tells a story he has never told Kev for 20 years. When he was dating an ex girlfriend, he had sex with her mother while the daughter was out picking up lunch.

Bry asks Kev what he would do if his gf fucked his dad Don.


Underbed of music /

Hayseed Dixie- Fat Bottom Girls

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