#005: You passed my stop, guys!

Pod Description:

Walt impersonates a government official, and Bry’s homeless connections saves the Stash a bundle.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Memorable Moments:

Walt and Bry share stories of the pranks they played while working at the Rec in high school. Walt prank calls Jason Mewes as his supervisor and demands he come to school at 6am. Walt prank calls a kid from the Rec and demands he walk down to the beach and look for his sunglasses. Walt and Bry prank call a kid from the Rec who thinks his lunchbox was stolen by the deli guy. Bry (and Walt?) throw water bombs into a restaurant kitchen.

Walt and Bry water bomb the kitchen of a Long John Silvers

Bryan and Walt talk about their run ins with various homeless people.  There was one named Wolf Bry was friendly with in L.A.  Bry hired a bunch of homeless people to help him move the store.

Bryan tells the story of being carjacked and the subsequent court trial where he’s accused of cruising for gay sex.


Underbed of music

Easy E – Gimme That Nutt

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