#006: The courtship of Jeff

Pod Description:

Walt makes a new friend but loses a customer. The podcast wars heat up and Bry smells conspiracy.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Malcolm Ingram

Memorable Moment:

Sunday Jeff’s first appearance. The secret origin of Jeff is revealed as he goes from customer to Walt Flanagan’s partner in crime.

SJ originally preferred doing business with Bryan over Walt because he gave a discount. Walt would combat this by telling Jeff something cost more than it actually did so he could act like he was doing him a favor by selling it for the real value.

Seeing the extent of Jeff’s toy hunting obsession Walt recruits him to hunt for the stash.Walt tells of his and Jeff’s first hunt together and Jeff’s introduction to Walt’s fraudulent return scheme.

Suncoast video puts Walt and Jeff on a watch list.

Bry gets the collecting bug buying three copies of the gay alpha flight issue.

A customer stiffs the stash for a 100 dollar special order he refuses to pick up. This customer claims to be s famous Elvis impersonator and has been on Full House and a show called the Last Precinct. Walt orders bootleg DVD s of the Last Precinct and tries to bust him.


Malcolm tries to compete with TESDs rising popularity by wanting to introduce a tag line. Bry poses the hypothetical of what Walt would do if he caught Malcolm raping Ming at a party that will further tensions between TESD and the Mo and Glo Show.


Venom – Red Light Fever

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