#008: ‘Party’ in the USA Part 1

Pod Description:

Bry gets called out for a questionable jeans purchase. Walt demands satisfaction from a fellow podcaster.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic


Mentioned Person:

Rob Bruce


Malcolm Ingram


“We don’t need no Mike to tell us about comics and shit, I got the answers right here it’s called Awkle” – Bry as Q

Memorable Moments:

Not one person showed up to watch TESD record.

Walt is upset that Malcolm compared him to Joe McCarthy and Fred Phelps. Hostilities between TESD and Mo and Glo continue stemming from the hypothetical Bry brought up of Malcolm raping Ming and Walt fighting him off with a candlestick.

The origin of Walt’s hatred of Funk and Standard is disclosed as the owner complained to Kev and Jen about Walt in an attempt to get him fired.  Bryan betrayed Walt by shopping there later.

First mention of sargel18 coming into the store with his son and Rob Bruce’s conspiracy theories.



3 thoughts on “#008: ‘Party’ in the USA Part 1

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