#009: ‘Party’ in the USA Part 2

Pod Description:

Walt cries charlatan, Bry gets a pass on his fear of killer bees, and a ghostly Audrey Hepburn gets dogpiled.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic



There was a report I saw on TV of a guy who claimed he was raped by a woman, a Susscabus. – Walt


Memorable Moments:

Walt’s oldest daughter is terrified of Bloody Mary, his mom thinks he’s talking about her getting her period.

Walt records a Devils game on TV in 2000 and notices an unnexplained ‘rod’ phenomenom on the ice.  The boys review the footage.

Growing up Bry was terrified of killer bees.

Mike sees a ghost as a young lad at a scout trip to an old house.

Is sex with a ghost cheating?  Suzanne and the guys discuss what dead people they would sleep with.


King Diamond – Halloween

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