#010: Prison Bryves

Pod Description:

Walt extols the virtues of teetotaling. Bry finds Walt a find, catches him a catch.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Memorable Moments:

Bry takes Sage to a Daddy-Daughter dance.  Flashback to a sixth grade dance Bry and the other boys are amazed at Walt’s dancing prowess.

Walts wife wants him to stop TESD, Bry rebuts saying that he is the reason Walt and Debi met and got together in the first place and tells the story of their first group outing to the boardwalk.

Walt reminisces about a girl when he was in third grade that would flash him and could beat up any boy in the school.

The show and the phenomena of prison wives is discussed.

Jen describes Walt and Bry as a married couple. Walt says if they were married Bry would have to give up drugs.


Yngwie Malmsteen – Beat It

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