#011: Thou shalt not sell false doobies

Pod Description:

Judge Walt dusts off his gavel when Bry recounts childhood indiscretions.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Darin Johnson


“We don’t ask our audience for much”

“Suck dick, tax man.”

Memorable Moments:

Walt delivers a birthday shout out and thinks it could be a money making venture by having Bry and him make phone calls where Bry rails on the person and Walt says “Tell Em Steve-Dave!”

Darin’s backstory of being stranded in Houston after moving there with his girlfriend and immediately dumped.

Walt has a phobia about vomiting.  His daughter vomits like a champ.

Conversation about peer pressure.  Walt never needed to be taught about it so why should his kids?  They are smart enough.

The conversation about drugs and intervention continue from the previous episode. Walt remembers being caught after graduation in a bathroom where two friends were doing coke and being embarrassed he would be mistakenly labeled a coke fiend.  Bry remembers rolling false joints and selling them at a campground. Bry steals  a pot plant from a neighbor and tries to sell joints door to door and is invited into a strange mans bedroom to try some “good shit”


Bryan wins the 6th grade Scholastic Achievement Award.

Walt hitch hikes and Bry accidentally picks up a prostitute.


Sad Kermit – Hurt

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