#013: Makin’ Hay II – Banned in Iraq

Pod Description:

The dramatic and overly long conclusion to “Makin’ Hay”.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Frank #1

Frank #2



“Hello, welcome ta Wal-Mart.  I once fucked a pageant winner.” – Bry in Q voice

Dude is sleeping in a shithole van and you’re like ‘Do you have a business card sir?’” – Walt

“I used to eat hot dogs on the Staten Island Ferry” – Q

“Or the Staten Island Fairy used to eat hot dogs in the basement of his parents’ house” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

TESD gets their fortunes read by Madame Sharon, daughter of the famous Madame Marie from the Bruce Springsteen song.  Walt doesn’t get why Bry and Q are so impressed.  While getting his fortune read Q gets “the Fool” card and is told he should look for a new line of work.

Q reveals that he has dated several Pageant Winners.

Bryan relates to Holocaust survivor Frank #2 because he too has been to Dachau.  Frank #2 was saved because he recognized his uncle as a Nazi visiting the camp.


Dio – Rainbow in the Dark

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