#014: Then a hero comes along

Pod Description:

Walt faces down the most intimidating of public servants. Bry laments missing out on working as a mercenary.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Recurring Segment:

Suicide of the Week

Memorable Moments:

Walt is a hero to the common man by thrawrting a bitchy meter maid.

The life of a walmart greeter isn’t as carefree as Walt thought.

Walt buys Bry Suzanne and sage dinner at outback but requires no accolades.

Walt pads his friends resume by claiming to be good friends with his neighbor, his wife and daughter refute this fact.

Walt helps track down his neighbors wounded dog.

Walt recalls a horrific suicide where a man ties a chain around his neck and to a light pole before stepping on the gas of his car, tearing his head clean off.


Black 47 – Staten Island Baby

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