#015: I think I’ll go eat worms!

*Featured Image by Thorne Winter

Pod Description:

Walt gives a primer on pulling oneself up by his/her bootstraps. Bry quarrels with banditos.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



Frank #3


“Fuck you cunt, what are you a doctor?”

“You make my nipples rotate!”

“Shows over boys!” – Bry

“Ass ta ass” – Q

“Your fucking prejudice against fat guys, you skinny little fuck” – Bry

“Well hey, I still want my money though” – Walt

“First I went ta the college of 8th Avenue, then I transferred ova ta the college of fuckin’ Far Rockaway Beach” – Bry as Q

“I’m blue colla bro, I’m from the streets.  I’m from Shao Lin bro, I’m like the Wu-Tang” – Q

“A player has to play, a hater has to hate”-Walt

“He’s on a FREE podcast? And he’d fuck ME?  What an honor!”-Bry about Q

“To think a lady can’t fuckin’ lay a sizable log out there is naïve”

Memorable Moments:

Walt has some home remedies for his daughters poison ivy by taking a dip in the river and let the salt water soak.

Wistful Walt and bry contemplate adoption.

Bry’s gay high school teacher Tom adopts some black kids and after a culture clash he drops them off in the inner city for a reality check.

Walt is harsh on college students who lost their scholarships.

Stories of Johnson family brawls growing up and cops coming to break it up.  One time Edgar was going to let Bryan off the hook once until Pam ragged on him until he finally went after him.  Edgar used to try to leave the house when he was in a rage, but Pam would throw herself on the hood of the car to stop him leaving.

Shure microphones are the pod’s first sponsors.

A hypothetical of Bryan kidnapped in Mexico and Kevin has to pay the ransom.

The introduction of the not so super bowl.

Q is forbidden from flirting with Emma from England.

J sarge is the official song writer for TESD



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