#019: For those about to rock

Pod Description:

Cupid Flanagan sets his sights on a reluctant Englishman. A rock star comes a callin’.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Dave Wyndorf

Game Played:


Walt’s First One True Three

Story 1:  As a boy Walt wanted to be a tap dancer.

Story 2:  Once Walt bit into a rice Krispee treat and discovered it was full of maggots.

Story 3:  Walt was one time afraid of the day Sunday for a year.

Memorable Moments:

Walt unveils his masterpiece game, One True Three for the first time.

English Russ and Doctor Sally are in the store, the boys try to get Russ to propose.

The history is told of the REAL Steve Dave who managed the Comicology before Kev bought it from him and turned it into the Stash.  Walt goes to dinner at Steve Daves house and meets his Philipino wife, Steve Dave would eventually move to the Philipines.

Walt jokingly asks for a listener to send him an iPad.





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