#020: Shure To Displease

Pod Description:

Shure pitchman winner announced, Bry panics when Walt names him head of Stash security.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Johnny Schram


“I wish you fucked that skeleton bro.” – Walt

Game Played:


Brian Quinn’s First One True Three

Story 1:  Q once left a girls apartment to shit in an alleyway because he didn’t want to stink up her room.

Story 2:  As a teenager Q stole some Halloween decorations to hump a skeleton balloon.

Story 3:  Q almost got arrested for grave robbing when he was caught loitering in a mausoleum.

Memorable Moments:

Tales from the Flanagan family BBQ is discussed.  Bryan shows off his nazi tatoo in front of Sunday Jeff’s family.

Walt rails against people who come into town just to see fireworks.

Security troubles at the Stash



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