#022: The Uninvited Part II

Pod Description:

Bry flounders when Walt & Q talk sports. Ming plays One,True,Three.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Mentioned Person:

Declan Quinn


“So you called her and she’s like ‘I can’t go out tonight Mike, I gotta wash my hair’ and then you found out she’s washing her hair with fuckin semen” – Walt to Mike

Game Played:


Ming’s First One True Three failure

Story 1:  A stranger gifted Ming 10,000 dollars for fixing his computer at an airport.

Story 2:  His real name isn’t Ming.

Story 3:  He once had Evangeline Lily alone in his apartment.

Mike’s First One True Three

Story 1:  Mike found out his girlfriend cheated on him to star in a porn.

Story 2:  Mike stole a dog he saw tied up outside a state forest.

Story 3:  Mike got in a fist fight with James Spader after a drunken night.

Memorable Moments:  

Walt was disappointed at the lack of alien atmosphere in Roswell New Mexico.

Bry promises to piss on a picture of LeBron James for the Columbus Ohio listeners.

Walt expresses his absolute hatred of the teams that play in New Jersey yet are called New York teams.

Walt tells of Nazis who wanted to impregnate women with Apes to create super strong hybrid soldiers.

Bry reads an article stating the Taliban is training monkey soldiers to kill Americans.

Debbie Chen has started listening to TESD and laughs at their treatment of Ming. She is named head groupie.

Bryan wants to start releasing “Ming Tones” where his Ming impression can be set to a cell phone alert and all proceeds go to Ming’s kids college fund.

Ming ruins One True Three by telling a story everyone already knows already. Mike has to come in for an emergency game to make up for Ming’s blunder.

First mention of Declan Quinn who went to the back catalog and fixed the audio of the early episodes.

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