#023: Live From the Hollywood Improv

*Featured image by @38livesalonehas3cats_

Pod Description:

Eight hours into the tour, Walt envisions Bry as a damn, dirty ape.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“What you ain’t never taken a ‘Ho’ bath” – The Bus Driver to Walt

“Sometimes I just think like I”m the only one who sees things clearly, Sometimes I feel like I’m the only normal person on the face of the Earth. I feel like I’m on Planet of the Apes” – Walt muttering to himself on the bus.

“Sleepin, knock to shit, but hold it til 8:30 if possible” Qs note on Mewes’ bathroom door.

Memorable Moments:

Pam sends flowers to Bryan’s hotel with a card that says “To our Star, We are very proud of you Love Mom and Dad” like it was a child’s dance recital.

Bryan begins complaining about the DVD player on the bus not working and how he paid to buy Kev a new one causing Walt to warn him not to “blow all his money” because he still needs to buy the 50 dollar gift certificate for the “Not So Superbowl” winner.

Walt borrows Bry’s phone to make a call and proceeds to make groans and moans of ecstasy, Bry assumes Walt was having phone sex with his wife but he was really just talking to Kevin about Kovalchuk joining the NJ Devils.

Walt goes to get Chicken Fingers at 7AM at Denny’s but the waitresses don’t take his order for almost 15 minutes despite the place being completely empty, this is due to the fact he is wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled up despite it being 95 degrees out.

The sleeping arrangements at Mewes’ place left Q sleeping in the tub as Bry and Suzanne took the bed each night and Walt taking the couch.

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