#026: Lt. Dan vs. El Jefe

Pod Description:

The battle for the TESD 4th continues. Listening to this week’s song highly recommended.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Lt. Dan


“Year Without A Santa Claus, when the toys came out we had boners” Walt to Sunday Jeff

Game Played:


Sunday Jeff’s First One True Three

Story 1:  Jeff once saw someone walk into a propeller at an airfield.

Story 2:  Jeff once woke up on his neighbors couch after sleepwalking.

Story 3:  Jeff once burnt down a golf course while camping with friends.

Reoccurring Segment:

Booty Time

Memorable Moments:

Walt is still looking for a 4th TESD member.

Listener Dan from the Navy is in store and talks with the guys about different Navy traditions such different hazing rituals for first timers crossing the equator and entering the arctic circle.

Dan accidentally puts his entire ship on communications lock down.

Walt thinks Bry needs the commraderie of the Navy.

Walt leaves the table when discussion turns to the Middle East.

Juggalos pelt Tila Tequilla with rocks, bottles, and shit.

Sunday Jeff sits down for his audition but has never heard a single episode of TESD and doesn’t know whats going on.

Walt gifts Q with a drunk devil statue named Scratch.

All hell breaks loose over Jeff’s denial of being raised on Rankin/Bass Christmas specials and his wife’s anti-Santa agenda.

Sunday Jeff attended Airplane Mechanic school in Sweden but never left his hotel room.

Sunday Jeff’s infamous disappearing reappearing golf course one true three story.


Joe Satriani – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

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