#027: Houston, We Have A Problem – Part 1

Pod Description:

Walt goes to the mat for the rich and famous. The Houston live show is discussed.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Melanie X

Mentioned Person:



“I might know something about something over here” Bryan

“On my navigation system I use a man’s voice I don’t need another girl telling me what to do” – Bryan

“I’m not your fuckin’ secretary bro!” – Walt

“If I can’t say ‘fuck the Taliban’, ‘fuck Al-Qada” and not have you get up and walk away being like ‘Ew I might offend somebody’ then no I don’t wanna do it because that’s fuckin’ beyond the scope of fuckin’ rational behavior” – Bryan

Reoccuring Segments:

Booty Time

Memorable Moments:

Q brings a listener, Melanie X into the Stash trying to prove to her he’s a Big Man.

Q tells the boys that he is a huge Tom Petty fan, much to Bryan’s disgust and Walt challenges Q’s Petty knowledge.

Walt gets his Tom-Tom device and thinks it is the best creation in history.

Walt notices that all Bry’s girlfriends lose their own personalities when they date him.

Walt believes the entertainment industry should be able to send an EMP through the internet to destroy computers that illegally download content, it is then revealed that Walt is the KING of bootlegging movies.

Walt is worried they lost J-Sarge as a listener when they picked a different 1-true-3 theme.

A friend of Bryan’s calls the stash looking for him and is blown off by Walt. The home shopping segment of TESD

“Booty Time” is born.

Bry catches a peek at Pam’s song counter and sees that she has listened to each Josh Groban song between 600-800 times.

Walt gets tired of waiting for Bryan to get the “Not-so-Super-Bowl” winner’s gift card so sends the trophy without it causing a huge argument. Walt says Bryan’s outburst is like “a mongoloid going crazy” without realizing mongoloid is a derogatory term for people with Down Syndrome.

Bryan calls Walt out for getting up and walking away during a conversation on last week’s TESD and says they shouldn’t bother doing the show if he has to censor himself.

The guys finally start to discuss the Houston show an hour and 45 minutes into the episode. A woman rudely talks on her cell phone during the live show.

Q maintains he was not drunk during the Houston show, despite loudly proclaiming it on stage.

Walt starts a countdown to when he first speaks during the show.

The first mention of Toad.

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