#028: Houston, We Have A Problem – Part 2

Pod Description:

Walt’s wife sticks up for Bry, the Houston saga continues.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Stacy Patella



“I heard they have gas in Keyport!” a random person

“Fuck Your Kids!” – Q

“heheheheh Walt Flanagan, what areya doin? Jerkin off to Cornelius in the bathroom”- Bry as Toad

“I’m the most hypocritical mother fucker on the Earth” – Walt

“I sound like Joe Pesci fucked Frankenstein and had a kid” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt was selling comics by candle light due to a city wide power outage, his faith in humanity is restored when he takes a gamble taking a credit card number to run the next day and letting the person walk out with merchandise.

Walt gets a ton of email and tweets about his EMP talk from the last episode and can’t fathom that people thought he was being serious. He reveals that he likes to argue the opposing view just to generate discussion even if its not what he believes.

Walt and Bry plan to go to an Alice Cooper show.

Walt’s wife backs Bryan Johnson in the whole gift card fiasco saying that Walt was setting Bry up for a fall.

Walt gifts TESD with a “Quiet, TESD Recording Zone” sign.

Johnny Schram finally gets to announce something as the official announcer of Booty Time.

Q wants to be included in the official twitter name “BryandWalt”.

Suzanne gets annoyed at Bry talking about seducing Stacy Patella.

Walt talks about being chastised by the owner of Cargo bar from the benefit show for bringing in an outside slice of pizza.

An hour in they get back to reviewing the Houston Show.

At the hotel in Houston Bry gets into an altercation with the concierge because they refuse to let Walt sign in without an ID, which Walt never carries with him.

Bry is wondering when Q will admit he was drunk at the Houston show.

Walt calls Bry passionless after Bry ridicules his obsession with the Devils.

Q drunkenly sings “Deep in the Heart of Texas” to try and get the audience pumped up.

Stories from the first comic con they went to together. They hit a raccoon and Bry and Q feel bad, Walt can’t understand why they care about “a fuckin varmint”. Q has to lug large refrigerator size boxes of merch up to the suite while Kev, Mosier, and Bry ridicule him.

Bryan tells many Toad stories: Toad crushes Mossier in front of Garth Ennis. Toad, Bry, and Q visit the Death Museum and Toad can’t stop laughing heartily at videos of people getting hit by trains. Toad’s nickname was “Crumple” due to not having a neck. Toad is telling a table full of people that he lived in an igloo with two strippers who would pleasure themselves with a double headed dildo made out of ice that he invented. Toad once again humiliates Mossier by telling him “Why don’t you sit down, you might learn something ya simple son of a bitch”. Walt finally meets Toad and does not see the appeal.  Bry and Q prank Toad by hiding a Superman variant figure he was so proud of causing him to flip out on a small child. Bry’s girlfriend refuses to let Toad stay with them during a Vulgarthon.

Q gets a huge laugh by mockingly eating popcorn.

Q tells of the time he was roofied at a bar.


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