#029: Houston, We’re F’d

Pod Description:

Spaceship TESD finally plummets to earth.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Trailer Park Drunk


“Waltah, I’m Drunk”  – Trailer Park Drunk

Game Played:


Bryan’s First One True Three

Story 1:  An ex-girlfriend followed him to a strip club and attacked him from behind out of jealousy.

Story 2:  Had to meet with a psychologist as a child.

Story 3:  Bry would habitually pee on toilet paper.

Memorable Moments:

Walt delivers comics to the Trailer Park Drunk with his wife in the car.  He answers the door with no pants and pays for the comics with wet bills.  Walt hopes its not piss.

Q unveils that he was roofied at a bar.  Walt says he must have been drinking a girly drink.

Bry and Walt report on their Alice Cooper concert in Atlantic City. Walt’s Tom-Tom delivers them safely. Walt is inspired by the Alice Cooper show and wants to introduce a theatrical element to TESD live shows. Walt names this future project “The Talking Dead”. This will eventually come to fruition with the Grammercy show.

For the first time TESD misses a Friday. Bryan blames Ken Plume.

Walt requests help from listeners tracking down someone.

Walt offers Bry a partime job to work two Saturdays a month. 

At the Houston show Q leads yet another sing along wishing Happy Birthday to the rude woman on her cell phone.

One final Toad story, even after all the shit Toad gave Mossier, Mossier had to escort Toad to the airport and get him on the airplane as a guardian as he isn’t allowed to go by himself.

Walt and Bry talk of their experience as PAs on the set of Mallrats and how Walt quit after one day and spent the rest of the shoot ordering room service and walking the mall.

Bryan and Q admit having dabbled with urine play during sex.

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