#031: C’est La Vie

Pod Description:

A pretty face compromises One, True, Three. Bry rocks the Stash with capital retailing skillz.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Who’s the bigger fuck up? The girl who all she has to do is lower her shirt a little and gives a gift this beautiful or some fuck up who’s like I’m gonna spend $800 on somebody I don’t know?!” – Bry

“That’s too much for you? But people who drink piss is like – ‘ah that’s normal… whatever! C’est la vie!’”- Walt

“Everybody that’s been like – ‘we need uncensored Walt back’ – guess what? You’ve been fucking listening to censored Walt since the show began!” – Walt

Game Played:


Listener Jess’ One True Three

Story 1:  Police raided her apartment because her sister’s boyfriend was a drug dealer.

Story 2:  She once dated a guy with imaginary friends.

Story 3:  She once dated a guy with a female split personality.

Memorable Moments:

Walt is gifted an iPad from listener Rich and wants to dedicate every episode of Puck Nuts to him.

A listener plays One True Three.

Walt reports back on Bry’s first Saturday working at the Stash and compares it to the time he worked at Sears.



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