#032: I Wanna Be Your Tampon

Pod Description:

Walt eludes the cable TV coppers. Q waxes knowledgeable on the subject of UK raccoons.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“I’m very hypocritical, I said that from the beginning. Take anything I say and then realise I just do the opposite”- Walt

“Let me call my wife and get my planner out from fucking 2006… DEBBIE!… Black Friday 2006 – was I watching TV?” Bry as Walt

“I’ll suck your dicks, I’ll suck your dicks just don’t take me away! Brodie Sic’em! It’s Black Friday, have mercy! Is it Black Friday?” – Bry as Walt to the Cable Cops.

“Wait, we’re back to reviewing TV shows? TELLEM’ STEVE DAVE” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

New York is infested with bed bugs and Q as a fireman has to deal with people soaking their mattresses in kerosene to kill the bugs but keeps the fuel soaked bed in their house. Walt’s mom thinks the bed bug epidemic is a terrorist plot.

A family member gifted a loaded cable box to Walt in 2006 that allowed him to watch all channels and pay per views. However on Black Friday (?) Walt was visited by the Cable Police looking to retrieve the box. Walt refusing to sell out a family member ditches the cops with the box in a duffel bag and heads to the Stash only to be confronted by his family member asking for the box back.

After promises no more shout outs Bry puts in a post production alert of the Emergency Boob Flashing Broadcasting System.

Prince Charles wants to be reincarnated as a tampon.


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