#033: Live from Las Cruces

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt, and Q talk about alien themed amusement parks.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Memorable Moments:

Bry calls Walt to the carpet to answer for saying he didn’t like New Mexico on an earlier pod. Walt was hoping for 100% more alien related things. Roswell had giant inflatable aliens and alien headed lamp posts.

Walt wants buildings shaped like space ships and pitches an idea for an alien themed amusement park. It would have an alien mascot named Ricky, but wearing tiny non-threatening shorts to make him fan friendly. There would be a motion simulator ride called “The Alien Abduction” that would include little bumps under the seat to imply the probing.

Bry begins a hypothetical situation where real aliens appear on Earth after being furious hearing about Walt’s alien theme park. Bryan as Q must meet with the aliens at Devils Tower to act as a diplomat. Q plays the part of the aliens, but ends up sounding like Mosier.

Bryan speaks of the listener who wrote in about finding all nude photos of her parents on their honeymoon. Bry reveals that while Suzanne was going through old things in the attic of Pam and Edgars house came across some racy photographs of Bry’s parents. Bry projects them on the screen behind them. He also reads from Pam’s diary from the day she met Edgar at a Christian flower show. Bry comes off as very Oedipal when he puts up a side by side photo of a 1960s Pam and a current day Suzanne.

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