#035: Chilean Out

Pod Description:

Q’s passed over on yet another invite. Bry’s a’scairt of supernatural third graders.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Tee Hee I want to go to California and live a dream. gimme money” Walt as the donation solicitor

“Both you guys are expendable, it’s just me” Walt about Bry and Q

“One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole apple tree” – Walt

“I’m so proud of my locker, this is my SPACE, man” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q is saddened to not be involved in “Walt goes Postal”

Bry is annoyed at Q calling an episode “The Worst Show Ever” on twitter so refuses to air it. It is now available for download.

TESD discusses the miners being rescued in Chile and how they have a pact of silence of what went on down there. Q assumes they were fucking eachother and contemplating canibalism. Walt says the worst part of being trapped for that long would be everyone shitting in the same place.

In a world before crowd funding a young girl comes door to door with head shots asking for donations for her to go to California to become an actress annoying Walt and Mike. Bry relates it to a scam Bry and Walt did as 13 year old soliciting for “the Boy Scouts” and taking the money to the arcade.

Is Dexter America’s favorite serial killer? Can you hold the show accountable for violence done in real life?

Bry is having night terrors waking up screaming and kicking 8-9 times a night. He has nightmares of little dead kids trying to get him. Walt has a strange dream where he is at Disney World and smells raw sewage, he awakens to find his dog Brody’s ass right in his face.

Walt is against people decorating their lockers at school.

Bry reads the story of “The Devil of Detroit Street” a lady who spends two years bullying and taunting her neighbors, creating a FaceBook page to torment them.

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