#038: Sissy Sox

Pod Description:

Pam’s steamy, elfcentric book is discussed. Bry channels Garrison Keillor.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Pam Johnson

Mentioned Person:

Chris Laudando


“I made it look like an origami flower made out of ten strips of bacon.” – Bryan

“I feel like at this point, if he ever makes it to the east coast, I’m gonna have to offer up Suzanne to him.  Three hole privelege” – Bry about iPad Darren who donated the most for Sage’s school.

“That’s the Johnsons’ go-to material” – Bry about male on male rape.

Memorable Moments:

Edgar says Bryan could learn a thing or two from Garrison Keeler so Bry opens the show with an imitation telling a story of buying iPads for Sage’s school.

A listener suggests TESD enter the Podcast Awards.

The listeners come through with the iPad fundraiser for sages school.  Walt says Suzanne pulls a Strangers With Candy to get a free iPad.

Pam and Suzanne are obsessed with FarmVille.

An asylum-seeker tries to enter the country disguised as an old man.

The sissy fetish of grown men who enjoy wearing frilly dresses and sissy Leah being outed is discussed.  What would Bryan do if he came across Walt’s picture on a sissy website.

Bry tells of the elf rape book that Pam wrote while recovering from surgery, Shane:  Heir to the Throne, and how a scam company said they’d publish it for 4K.  Two chapters of which are later dramatized on TESD.  Pam calls in to explain the plot.

Walt is tired of people thinking he knows all about The Walking Dead just because he works at a comic shop.

Q collects some listener voicemails and plays them on the air.  One wants to dedicate a show to his ex who ruined his life and a second wants TESD to produce a video of a fan sucking Q’s dick.

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