#039: Please Stand By

Pod Description:

Walt hints at the best listener contest ever. An excerpt from Pam’s book is given a dramatic read.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Chris Laudando


“Friends ruin everything, Friends ruin the party” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Shane:  Heir to the Throne, Pam Johnson’s tale of drug abuse and elf rape, is acted out by Walt and Q while Bry narrates.  Walt unveils his one and only character voice as he portrays Wolf, the villainous sex trafficker while Q does his best Irish pixie voice in his role as Sean Patrick, the exiled elf prince who Wolf gets addicted to heroin before pimping him out.

Walt requests creepy or weird vintage Halloween costume pictures from the listeners for a project he wants to get off the ground (it never does).

Walt gives fatherly advice to new dad Chris Laudando.

Suzanne is playing FarmVille, Frontierville and YoVille which leads Bry to learn that these companies are making millions off of micro transactions and wanting Ming to create SteveDaveville (I would totally play a TESDtown game).

Q is getting flak online from the couple that made the Cropsey documentary when he does not appear on their podcast.

Pam goes to her first Josh Groban concert.

Chris Laudando tells of being kicked out of his own band.

Walt gets some emails making fun of him for believing in time travel and has to spell out that he is kidding and only bringing content to the show.

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