Adam and Eve Bonus Pod

Pod Description:

Bryan and Suzanne play One, True, Three. Shop at and enter code TESD at checkout!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


Chris Laudando


“I know what he does to people, I don’t want to be like Ming.” – Bry as Suzanne

“Gross” – Walt

“You don’t need to spread your shame.” – Walt

“You don’t think I’d bring her in if I knew you were going to be loading both barrels?  You know I have no respect for her.” – Bry

“Oh wait, are you guys able to have sex with girls not at gun point?” – Bry

Game Played:



Story 1.  A jealous Suzanne accidentally deletes brys entire photo library trying to get did of topless photos someone sent him.

Story 2. Bry holds a loaded gun to Suzanne’s head during sex.

Story 3. Bry gets mad Suzanne keeps breaking character during role play.

Memorable Moments:

Bry has a sex dream featuring Walt and resulting in a nocturnal emission.

Walt reveals he drove around with a friends gun in his car for over a year because he forgot about it.

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