#041: The Senator Must Die

*Featured Image by Kenny Rubenis

Pod Description:

Q gives 2 thumbs down on Citizen Justice. The Podcast Awards season is upon us.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank #3


“Fine then we won’t FUCKIN’ go out any other fuckin’ year after this, FUCK!”-Bry as Edgar

“All your senses gotta be fuckin’ firing when you’re there on Black Friday. Don’t go in there with a fuckin’ haze, and expect to live by the day’s done” – Walt

“That’s my Wolf voice, bitch” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

It’s Christmas time at the Stash.  Walt likens himself to Santa while Ming and Jeff are his elves.  That means Bryan is the Bumble Snow Monster.  Mike is Clarice and TESD imagine him being raped by all the other reindeer.  Bry suggests dressing up as Santa on the days he works at the Stash in December, Frank 3 suggests Ming be his elf.

Walt mourns the fact his daughters are more interested in toenail polish than looking at Christmas lights.  Bry recalls a similar situation when he was getting older and Edgar exploded at the kids.

Bryan says his best Christmas ever was with Mosier at a topless beach in Australia.

Frank#3 is acting shady not wanting to reveal a story about himself.

Q recalls taking a stripper on a date to the Bronx Zoo after telling her he runs the monkey cages.

TESD is nominated for two podcast awards:  Best Comedy and Listener’s Choice.  Bryan wants rival podcast ‘Cocktails and Creampuffs’ to hurt.

Facebook causes strife in the Johnson home as Suzanne get’s too chummy with Adobe-Guy.

An incomprehensible customer derails the episode looking for Death of Supergirl, is this the trailer park drunk?

Walt gives Q weird vibes after a recording of Space Monkeys at the Stash.

iPad Rich tells Walt about real life Superheroes Civilian Justice, Q shits all over the idea of these vigilantes and Bryan imagines Phoenix Jones having to knock out a drunk Q after a night at Sal’s bar.  Many years later Phoenix Jones will appear on Comic Book Men.

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