#042: Joseph, No!

Pod Description:

Bry’s teflon coating is challenged when a punking goes south. TESD interprets another chapter from Pam’s tome.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


Frank #3


“Joseph, No!”  Walt as Wolf

“Little older, Little wiser, Little fuckin less willing to have shit in my mouth” – Q

“We usum poop, to heat, wigwam” -Bry

“Cold call bitch! What the fuck does ‘cold call’ mean!” – Walt

“Instead of Wookiee scalps, you got kids’ panties hangin’ off your fuckin’ belt” – Walt about Frank #3’s Joseph character.

Games Played

I Fought the Law and the Law One

Memorable Moments:

Pam didn’t listen to music when Bry was younger because she said she was too busy. Pam would eat handfuls of raw ground beef.

Walt stopped hosting Super Bowl parties because the friendly interactions would distract him from the game.

Bry’s teflon status takes a serious hit after Suzanne mistakenly believes Bry’s birthday is one day earlier than it actually is. He playfully corrects her on air by having Q go over the top celebrating causing her to start crying

Walt announces he has come up with three new games. I fought the Law and the Law One, What’s on the Menu, and Cold Call Cuss Out.

Walt eludes to something that happened to Frank 3 at a bar this past Saturday and Frank 3 gets very touchy.

Walt once posited that if the only way to get inebriated was through shit, people would still do it. Bry announces how prophetic Walt was and tells of people fermenting poop to create a halucinagen called Jenkem.

A second chapter of Shane: Heir to the Throne is read. Walt returns as Wolf but adds a much more manic tone to his performance. Q hands his role as Sean Patrick over to Ming who brings a child-like naivete to the performance. Frank 3 debuts as the elderly pedophile Joseph who comes to purchase some time with the young elf.

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