#043: The Unkindest Cut

Pod Description:

Walt slips on his ‘Dear Abby’ pants. Bry addresses the fine print of playing Santa.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Game Played:

What’s On The Menu

Memorable Moments:

Walt ponders why he can’t be a life consultant since he’s right about so many things. Q proposes making it a bit on the show. To practice Bry pits Walt against Dear Abby with dueling advice.

Sean Connery doubles down on it being ok to slap a woman.

Bry gets hooked on Storage Wars and Walt tells him he should do it in real life, this is later a plot to an episode of CBM.

Mike swears that Alice Cooper called the store this past weekend, Bry is suspicious.

Sunday Jeff and Walt go head to head in advice giving to a gentile who is dating a Jewish woman whose mother wants him to get a circumcision

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