#046: Spin Dem Plates

Pod Description:

Walt dispenses unsophisticated footwear advice. Bry uses the seven deadly sins to help Walt figure out his new year’s resolutions.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


He’s fuckin belting shit out, what’s it called when he’s signing from the hyphen, the hymen, the esophagus. – Walt

“You have to know that somebody is probably gonna see you, if you’re out there bakin’ your balls” Bry

“Well, now you are setting up a good alibi if you ever do blow your girlfriend’s head off” Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt goes to see Spiderman on Broadway and is bitten by the drama bug. Q recounts a time a cat from CATS flirted with him much to the chagrin of his date.

Bry just found out one of his neighbors just got arrested for child molestation and had a habit of nude sunbathing in his back yard.

Bry surprises Suzanne into going to a nudist resort. T

he boys discuss which of the 7 deadly sins each is guilty of.

Q was vegetarian for a whole year.

Walt acts as a financial adviser to Q who wants to save for a house.

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