#047: Rats ‘n Cats

*Featured Image by TESDClassic

Pod Description:

Bry’s woebegone. Ming poses as a collection agent.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“Just fuckin’ Palins go away. Fat ass Willow Palin, dance away. Fuckin’ Momma Grizzly, fuck off” – Bryan

“Fuck! Go back to the rat guy, I don’t care about the cat lady” – Walt

“I don’t know, I don’t know why I’m so fucked up, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, and I hate it and it bothers me every single day” – Bry

Reoccuring Segment:

Cold Call Cuss Out

Memorable Moments:

Q has strep throat, Bryan wants to replace him with the Golden Voiced homeless guy Ted Williams.  Bry shows Walt the viral video of the guy.  He was recently arrested for causing a disturbance outside a hotel.

Bry takes pleasure in the Kardashians being sued for backing out of their pre-paid credit card deal.

Bry and Walt watch an episode of Hoarders where a guy has hundreds of rats in his house. Sunday Jeff might be a hoarder with all his collectibles. He wants to build a museum like man-cave to display them all.  Bryan thinks Pam could be a good hoarder given the chance, she’s a compulsive buyer.

A guy from the Jersey Jerks podcast calls into Adam Carolla’s show to complain about TESD winning the podcast awards.  Could TESD spark a bidding war between Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith for their services?

Ming plays Cold Call Cuss Out calling a Stash customer that never paid for some Wonder Women bracelets. Ming says he is from a collections agency and the guy threatens to kick his ass. Ming automatically knows the brand name of a sexual lubricant “Anal-Ease”

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