#047: Rats ‘n Cats

Pod Description:

Bry’s woebegone. Ming poses as a collection agent.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“Just fuckin’ Palins go away. Fat ass Willow Palin, dance away. Fuckin’ Momma Grizzly, fuck off” – Bryan

Reoccuring Segment:

Cold Call Cuss Out

Memorable Moments:

Bry shows Walt the video of Ted Williams the Homeless man with the Golden Voice. He was recently arrested for causing a disturbance outside a hotel.

Bry takes pleasure in the Kardashians being sued for backing out of their pre-paid credit card deal.

Bry and Walt watch an episode of Hoarders where a guy has hundreds of rats in his house. Sunday Jeff might be a hoarder with all his collectibles. He wants to build a museum like man-cave to display them all.

A guy from the Jersey Jerks podcast calls into Adam Carolla’s show to complain about TESD winning the podcast awards.

Ming plays Cold Call Cuss Out calling a Stash customer that never paid for some Wonder Women bracelets. Ming says he is from a collections agency and the guy threatens to kick his ass. Ming automatically knows the brand name of a sexual lubricant “Anal-Ease”

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