#049: Somebody Get Me A Doctor!

Pod Description:

Bry tussles with the grim reaper and lives to tell about it.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


I must have the most elastic fuckin butthole in the country. – Bry

“He walked around”? – Walt says this will be on Bry’s tombstone

Memorable Moments:

Bry was in the hospital for four days with extremely low red blood count.  All the embarassing details are discussed, the doctor gets up close and personal collecting a stool sample.

Pam is so proud that Bry was walking around despite the low red blood count where most people would be out on their feet.

Walt comes to visit Bry in the hospital and gets lost on the way to the hospital despite being three blocks from it and chastises Bry for watching Star Wars on his “death bed”.

Bry’s “War of the Undead” nazi tattoo is on full display to the african american orderlies and nurses.

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