#052: Fibber McChen

Pod Description:

Pam pays TESD a visit, Walt & Q go head to head on ‘Turn Off The Dark’.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Pam Johnson

Marshal Manlove

Mentioned Person:

Mary Elizabeth



“You’re like a rough tough cream puff” – Pam about Bry

“When I was 13, Ted Knight was tits” – Walt quoting Mike

“Karma cunt! Its a bitch” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Mary Elizabeth, TESD’s short lived manager, is introduced.

Bry starts the also short lived TESD blog.

Pam leads a very Josh Groban-centric conversation where she tells of how she discovered him, fan parties she has attended, how she worried about him when he broke up with January Jones.

Walt and Q argue about Spiderman Turn off the Dark.

Mike reveals that bitchy post office worker Susan just got sentenced to 21 days for a DUI.

Marshal Manlove’s trip to Red Bank and the hypnotizing of Ming is discussed. Ming claims he faked it all, much to Walt’s disappointment.


The Ladder by East of the Wall


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