Space Monkeys

Pod Description:

The first of a satellite venture with TESD members Bryan Johnson & Brian Quinn. Only offered as a charity bonus pod until now!


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


“You can’t stop me from anything.  Peace Asshole”- John Thomas

“Opiates are a pretty decent antidepressant.” – Bry

“How would you like me to do something human, kid?” – Bry feeling positive on Oxy

“He looks like Megan’s Law was invented for him.” – Q

“The lyrics were ‘Sleep is for the week, I will never tire.’ at that point all I wanted was to go home and go to sleep.” – Q

“The first time I wake up with a centipede on my balls I’m like ‘Fuck your farm'”- Q

“I don’t know anything about love, or Facebook.” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry says he is on Oxys for his bad knee and claims they help him feel like a normal human.  In a moment of positivity he promises his niece Autumn that he would take her and a friend to see the band “Bring Me the Horizon” play.  Q agrees to accompany him.  They both feel really old and out of place, with the next oldest person being ten years younger than them and looking like a pedophile.

Bry discovers than an 18 year old creep named John Thomas is in a Facebook relationship with his 13 year old niece Autumn.  Bry confronts him on Facebook using the Tell’Em Steve Dave page ‘Eugene the Iguana”.  The young idiot doubles down claiming nothing he is doing is illegal, and he knows because his sister is a lawyer and his brother-in-laws cousin is in the secret service.

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