#055: F.U. Andrea Canning!

Pod Description:

Walt fears Rebecca Black is a pawn of the Illuminati. Bry demands the FBI focus less on terrorism, more on Dunkin’ Donuts.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Listener Justin

Mentioned Person:

Malcolm Ingram

Ming Chen

Marshal Manlove

Game Played:

High / Low




Memorable Moments:

TESD debates whether or not Ming was truly hypnotized or not. Marshal Manlove takes offense to Ming claiming he was only “playing along” and not really hypnotized and writes about his experience in his blog.

Rebecca Black’s Friday hits Bry’s radar. Walt thinks there must be some subliminal messages from the Illuminati that makes it the most viewed video on you tube.

Malcolm wanted Ming to help him to make a Charlie Sheen website, http://www.winningwithtigerblood.com to capitalize on his famed meltdown, however Ming was not interested.

Walt says that if he joined the illuminati he would disseminate false information to Bry and Q to keep them sheep.

A listener sits in on a game of High Low.

Mike suggests a new game for the listeners, Mike’s Hunt, a scavenger hunt where listeners send in items that the guys want i.e. Q wants a Captain Britain T-Shirt and Walt wants a RiffTrax DVD.

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