#056: F.U. Victoria Jackson

Pod Description:

Q teaches a primer on fatherhood. Bry tries out his S.I.R. voice.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“I was in a band with some Muslims we were called Koran Koran”

Memorable Moments:

Smodcast Internet Radio is rolling out. Walt does not want to do an hour long block daily.

Victoria Jackson makes dumb antigay comments on twitter.

After a gay kiss on TV Walt thinks there is a conspiracy to make girl’s bisexual.  Bry and Walt make Q explain homosexuality to “his son”.   Walt and Bry discuss their reactions after finding out Rob Halford was gay.

The rules for Mike’s Hunt are finalized, the guys make requests for items they want for themselves to be sent in.  Q wants a Captain Britain/ Captain America shirt from Teckniks.

Walt believes toner companies are worse than Big Oil.

Q is offered a second podcast by TruTV.

Q wonders if it would be bad form to sell the I-pad that Rich sent him after he buys the next model.

Twitter and Twitter Haters are discussed.  Q made Sal start a Twitter account to see Bryan go after him.

Courage my Love is first played

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