#057: A Pox In Sue

*Featured Image by Emma Sampford

Pod Description:

When a listener bemoans Walt’s lack of comedic input in a previous show, he makes up for it by berating Bry for a solid hour. TESD organizes a listener trip to Medieval Times.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mary Elizabeth


“Not too good, Bitch!” – Walt

“I think you’re all fucking nuts!” – Mary Elizabeth

“I’ll give up the Jesus big dick conversations to keep talking to you” – Bry

“We call it a barba, because there’s no Q” – Bryan

Reoccurring Segment:

Cold Call Cuss-Out, :  A rival comic shop

Pusshole of the Week – Bryan’s nephew Hunter

Memorable Moments:

Q is almost overdosed on Xanax

Sunday Jeff signs a boob much to Walt’s chagrin.

Walt is annoyed at Q and Bry for dropping the Halloween pic project.

The episode becomes a therapy session with everyone listing their gripes.  Walt recalls friction between him and Bry at the rec center where he got annoyed Bry read so much on the job and would get distracted by girls while life guarding.

Walt suggests a song competition.

Q explains the origin of The Worst Episode Ever 

Bry asks about Ming Tones

Q suggests a trip to Medieval Times with the listeners.

After customer Justin tells Walt that a rival comic shop said “Fuck the Stash and Fuck Walt” Walt calls them back to confront them in a Cold Call Cuss Out

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