#058: The Bank of Tears

Pod Description:

Quinn is nearly banished to Blow Hard after a startling confession. Bry & Walt reminisce about grade-school taunts.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“I’m like a fat depressed Santa who don’t make good on his obligations” – Bry

“You could have been in a 69 with Elton John and not been as gay” – Walt

“I’m a goofy Ichabod Crane looking motherfucker” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry does not deliver comics pages to Walt in time, instead writing a 15 page email to him.

The trailer park drunk stiffs Walt on money again.

Q gets very close with the drummer from Maroon 5 at the IJ up fronts.

Bryans brother Erik is getting ready to propose.

Bryan says his first memory of depression was right after his grandmother passed away in 1976 and he got to take one item from her house, an iron box. he would write all the things he hated about himself on scraps of paper and store them in the box.

Bryan talks of his ex that cheated on him and got pregnant, Bry says how naive he was and how it didn’t occur it might not have been his. He was going to marry her and Pam took him ring shopping. Now Bry is going to sell the engagement ring, the cursed Johnson diamond.

Ant videos of Qs Mallrats outburst and a Hitler reaction video are discussed.



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