#059: Right Said Ming

Pod Description:

Ming wants to shitcan Bry & Walt. TESD & friends play Back-Issue Bunk.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Game Played:

Back Issue Bunk


“In your head is there anything you HAVEN’T done to her?” -Walt

“He’s like a 14 year old at summer camp pawing at his girlfriend’s blouse” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q officially retires from his “Tech Guy” role.

Bry unsure if his sun lamps are helping his mood as he frequently forgets to use them.

Ming complains on Puck Nuts that TESD has been running late.  Clips of Puck Nuts are played to analyze.  Sunday Jeff refuses to list women he finds attractive, Ming is quick to say he has a celebrity crush on Amanda Bynes because she reminds him of his wife.

Bry plays a montage of Ming saying “Right”, Q asks if someone could set that to house music.  An edited conversation of Ming and Jeff is also played.

Walt had the chance to be a hero and stop a shoplifter from stealing toner cartridges but instead did nothing.  Hypothetical situation where Q loses an eye to a shoplifter.  Ming fantasizes about tackling a shoplifter.

Q and Bry hate Mob Wives.

Listener Josh plays Back Issue Bunk where he has to find the fake comic book:  Amputee Love, Hansi the girl who loved the Swastika, My Friend Dahmer, Outer Space Wart Five

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