#060: Din Dong Bin Laden’s Dead

Pod Description:

Listener Queries. Bry joins a secret society.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Don’t always try to fuckin’ make hundreds of dollars, fuckin’ a tree will get chopped down with little fuckin’ nicks” – Walt about nickel and diming

Reocurring Segments:

Listener Questions

Memorable Moments:

TESD is given a one hour time limit to fit with SIR schedule.

Big News is teased, this will eventually be revealed to be the AMC show.

Bry is wearing a Horror Writers Association t-shirt to reveal he has been accepted.

Walt suggests Makin Hay 2 where this time they are the sellers.

Q pimps Casey Jost’s band Les Vinyl.

The death of Bin Laden and the twitter storm that followed is discussed.

A discussion about what constitutes a sport has Q talking about his fishing background.

walt equates his reaction to someone stealing from the Stash to Obama crossing into Pakistan to get Bin Laden

Bry declined Malcolm’s offer to have TESD appear in the porno he’s making, now Malcolm is claiming he’s going to cast look alikes and have them fuck each other.


F for Effort – Les Vinyl (the What Say You theme)

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