Brylands: A Peephole History

Pod Description:

Originally intended as a ‘Peephole’ episode Brylands is the result of Bry not paying attention to the ONE rule concerning ‘Peephole’ recordings…EVERYONE’S gotta have lived in Highlands at some point. He invited Q along for the ride and now YOU get to pay for his mistake! Listen as Walt contradicts Bry, Wikipedia, and historical fact!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:


“I was like, ‘what about my comics? What about Thor #5?'” -Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Bry and Walt recall tales of the Big Storm of 1992.

The Halloween party at the Rec Center was moved to a firehall due to the storm.  Bry and Walt judge the costume contest but Tim is the only one to dress up.  Bry says the winner is “Joker Molesting a Child”

Walt remembers working at Sears the day of the big storm which was further inland meaning he missed the worst of it.  On the way home all the roads are closed and a cop tells him that Highlands “Isn’t even there anymore.”.  Walt parks miles away and has to walk all the way home.

Bryan heads uptown to check on his grandmother Gertie.  He has to trudge through deep sewage water, to which Walt assumes he had a hard-on due to his penchant for water sports.  A rescue boat picks them up after he reaches her house.

Bry brings sleeping bags to the High School refuge for Walt and Debbie which Walt leaves there instead of returning to him.

A spoiled woman gives Walt and Bry shit while making them pick up donations from her car.  Walt retaliates by “accidentally” taking her expensive coat which was on the front seat mistaking it for another donation.

Walt skips out on Bryan’s Pajama Jammie Jam.

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