#061: Rappin’ With The Dead

Pod Description:

Walt barely survives free comic book day. Bin Laden and elder sex.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“We’re not even gonna patronize this fuckup with twenty cents” Walt as the termite mom #1

“Don’t worry, calm down, you just won the lottery. In 10 years you’re going to be so thankful he DID draw on it, he’s going to be famous” Walt as termite mom #2.

Memorable Moments:

The Secret Stash was not participating in the official Free Comic Book day this year, as Walt has never seen a real benefit as a manager, however he does put out a bunch of his own stock.


Bry recalls the multiple frantic emails he received as Walt loses more and more faith in humanity as the day goes on.

A rude family takes armfuls of free merchandise but won’t even buy bags and boards.

A clueless man asks if the “New This Week” books are free too.

A young “artist” asks Walt if he can draw on the poker table, and after Walt says no says that he already did it anyway.

Finally a mom and two kids spends 200 dollars to make Walt hopeful in humanity again.

Walt talks of the one time he left Ming in charge of the store but he closed early because a customer had B.O.

Q claims that TESD is his third job, Walt takes umbrage at that.

Tom Edison wanted to build a phone to talk to the dead. Q would call his grand parents. Bry wants to talk to Jesus.

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