#062: Welcome To The Machine

Pod Description:

Walt embraces life in the ant colony. Q tries to get his mitts on Bry’s bird. Dave of Monster Magnet visits.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Dave Wyndorf


“Some people go to bed with Lucifer, and then they cry, cry, cry when they don’t greet the day with God. Boo-hoo. Walt quoting Monster Magnet as a teaching tool for his kids.

Reoccurring Segments:

Listener Questions

Memorable Moments:

Walt says people should be happy just being ants in the anthill and too many people think they are special. You shouldn’t let your kids think they can do anything. In Italy they call kids “faccia brutt” because its bad luck to compliment them.

Dave Wyndorf answers questions.

Dave discusses being in the Van Nuys Jail for grand theft auto, Q recounts his tale of getting the shit beat out of him by cops in Germany,

Walt tells his story of almost becoming a jail guard before getting scared away by an inmate blowjob.


Monster Magnet ‘Bored With Sorcery’

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