#063: The Heretic

Pod Description:

Walt craps on Bry’s promotional idea, then craps on Stephen Hawking, then craps on Q for his intelligence rivaling that of Space Grass.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff


“I love how the stuff Walt is bringing is stuff he already had like tables and chairs” – Bry on the BBQ

“I’d fuck Dave from courage my love before I’d fuck Rachel Dratch.” Bry

”I’m not gunna stand there with the hose or start scooping it out of the pool” – Bry bringing water to the BBQ.

“You can put a hot dog on a hamburger bun right?” – Walt

“If I was related to the kid that died I’d be like can we shut the fuck up about the dress. My brother or son was killed and I gotta open up the newspaper and see this shit?!” – Q

“I hope some make a wish foundation kid calls in and says his final wish is to hear a tesd ep 2 days before everyone else” – Bry

“After the first personalized pod you can purchase your own personalized pod for 1000$ a piece after that” – Q

“I don’t wanna be dumber then I already think I am” – Bry on IQ tests

“Anybody that can get 60 dollars out of his friend for a bouncy house is a genius” – Sunday Jeff about Walt

Memorable Moments:

Planning the Flanagan family BBQ, everyone needs to put in 60 for the bounce house.

Bryan meets a kid in Canada who had cancer and said TESD kept him from killing himself.

A girl tries to return a 1200 dollar prom dress after her boyfriend died. The store refuses.  Walt believes she should keep it as a reminder of how fleeting life is.

Bry is creeping on Stacy.

Walt proclaims Stephen hawking is just mad because he’s crippled and that’s why he says there is no afterlife

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