#064: Two is the Loneliest Number

Pod Description:

TESD addresses a laundry list of hot button issues.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Walt Flanagan

Stacy Patella


“Im with Stacy, drinking with my extraordinary looking best friend. I win.” -Q

“It’s a vicious thing, alcohol” – Quinn

“God was around so much back in the day, and he’s just never around now at all” -Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt is absent due to the passing of his dog Brody.  This leads to conversations about other pets the guys have lost such as Bry’s cats Chiller and Mighty and Mosiers dog Wolfie.

Q has a drunken night out with Stacy Patella that he can’t quite remember. Q was ejected from a Mets game for passing out in the bleachers. Q gets a black eye from a cab ride. Q wakes up in the morning to an email from Stacy with only the definition of belligerent.

Hot button topics abound such as Catholic pedophila and women in the Middle East.

The show H8ers is discussed.

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