#066: Issue Zero

Pod Description:

Reality show & ladyboys.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Kevin Smith

Jason Mewes


“I try to keep it a secret even now! I’m Leery to tell people I manage a comic book store. I’m worried they are gunna just be like CLOWN!!” walt

“Only problem with the show is everyone here is a middle aged white man. Thank god for lady boy Ming” Kev

“Find a girl that has a little piece of all of us in her. Not literally cuz that would be weird” Kev

Memorable Moments:

The origins of how everyone met and started working for Kev. Walt meets Kev at the Rec Center and share a love of comics. Ming makes a website and runs the board. Q becomes an intern for View Askew.

The AMC show is discussed and the possibility of casting a female.

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