#066: Issue Zero

Pod Description:

Reality show & ladyboys.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Kevin Smith

Jason Mewes


“I try to keep it a secret even now! I’m Leery to tell people I manage a comic book store. I’m worried they are gunna just be like CLOWN!!”- walt

“Only problem with the show is everyone here is a middle aged white man. Thank god for lady boy Ming” -Kev

“Find a girl that has a little piece of all of us in her. Not literally cuz that would be weird”- Kev

“it’s subculture it’s where the creepy people go. You guys can get on tv and show them that comic book shops aren’t creepy… You just gotta take that beard off!” – Kev

Memorable Moments:

The origins of how everyone met and started working for Kev. Walt meets Kev at the Rec Center and share a love of comics. Ming makes a website and runs the board. Q becomes an intern for View Askew.

The AMC show is discussed and the possibility of casting a female.

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