#069: Paris ‘herpes’ Hilton

Pod Description:
Bry goes emo at Walt’s BBQ. Casey Anthony verdict. Scumbag lawyers.



Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“I had a great time, my kids had a great time, I took my shirt off” Ming

“Even I wouldn’t fuck this chick at this point” Q on not being attracted to Casey Anthony

“I’m the frickin herpes Rain Man dude” Ming

Memorable Moments:

Sunday Jeff sneaks Mike’s Hard Lemonade in to Walt’s BBQ and he and Ming got wasted.

Ming recounts the time he had to share a room with Q and Walt in San Diego. Walt wonders why he was so dead set with sharing a bed with Q.

The Casey Anthony trial is discussed. Q thinks she is hot until he learns more about the case.

Q is upset that he was never invited to a sex party as a teenager.

Walt rails against lawyers.

Walt talks about the family ran Ghostbusting team that will be on an upcoming Overkill.

Bry buys soil from Dracula’s castle.

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