#070: Makin’ Hay II: Hell Awaits

Pod Description:

Need we say more?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Rob Bruce

Debbie Chen

Courage My Love

Mentioned Person:

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Chris Laudando


“Its a fuckin pit of despair and desperation” – Bry

“In another world me and Gitem would be doing it together” – Walt

“Whats the Spanish word for failure?” – Walt

“You like money Mike? Because the buck is about to be passed right to you” – Q about Ming trying to shake the blame

Reoccurring Segment:

The I sell comics music contest:  Adam Craig, Full Time Nerd, The Hotness, Keith Karmak, Malcom Foster, Courage My Love

Memorable Moments:

Bry watches “Extreme Couponing” it makes Walt look like a money saving amateur. This makes Walt remember Ming’s couponing fiascos for the Stash. Ming went behind Walt’s back putting out coupons and ads without his input. One coupon was completely in Spanish despite the Stash not carrying any spanish language books and Walt not knowing Spanish. The second of Ming’s mis-steps was Ming putting a big ad in a guidebook for a Hotel Chain, the Stash did not see any added business worth the expense. The third one was when Ming gave 10% off coupons to be given to participants in a 5k race.

There was a wedding that took place at the Stash over the weekend for someone named Gavin.

Walt mentions he wrote a song for his wife’s birthday and needs someone to put it to music.

The audio from the boy’s return to Collingwood is played. Walt bemoans a perceived lack of energy from Bry and Q.

Q was coming off a 24 hour shift at the fire late and was running late so sent Chris Laudando early to set up and film video, Walt claims Chris looked like he didn’t want to be there. Bry says the extremely hot temperature and his tricky knee contributed to the low moods.

Q remarks about bringing a used fleshlight to sell, Ming would later marvel at Q’s sexual prowess with the fleshlight on the bonus pod “Taking Hay”.

Walt talks about wanting to go out and interview people about Jersey Devil sightings for overkill, it never happens.

Bry is still amazed at the amount of Nazi memorabilia at the auction, are these people really racist or just “making a buck”.

Debi Chen sends Ming to the auction with a bunch of old clothes and toys to sell, Ming lets it all go for much lower than anticipated and has to call Debi to let her know the bad news.

Bry discusses meeting Gitem for the very first time.  People warned Walt that Gitem is “kinda scary”.  Walt says he thought Gitem was perfectly normal and that in another life they’d be hanging out, I wonder if he ever regrets this comment.

Walt says he had returned to Collingwood ten times since the first Making Hay but was too scared to go to Dennis’ shop for fear he heard what Bry said about him.  Bry and Q go in first to check it out.  Dennis sounds snarky when Q introduces himself leading the guys to wonder if he heard the pod.


I Sell Comics – Courage My Love

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